Hi ING-colleagues!

How nice that you are going to participate in the Finance Run! On this page you will find all the practical information to be well prepared at the start of the Finance Run!

Start and times

The grounds are open from 12:00 pm. There is a DJ, free coffee is served by Redbeans and you can mingle with the other participants. Read more about the warming up and start times of the distances below.

Bib number

Your personal bib number is ready for you at the reception. Make sure you’re good in the results! You can e-mail changes (converting the distance, transferring a bib number) until August 30. On the day itself you can pass on changes to the service desk, provided you are there on time.

Program and floor plan

View the program and the map of the Finance Run 2023. The times of the program are subject to change


There are changing rooms and this year there is a guarded cloakroom both upstairs and downstairs, where you can also leave your sports bag. Read more about the opening hours via the button.

Changing rooms and showers

In the start and finish area there are men’s, women’s and disabled changing rooms where you can change to appear at the start in uniform. Here is also the possibility to use the toilet facility. You can also shower here after the run! The locker rooms close at 6:00 PM.


Paid parking is available on the Entrance in front of Restaurant de Bosbaan. Read more about parking at the Finance Run here.


Unfortunately, we cannot escape paid parking in Amsterdam either.

During the Finance Run, parking is available at the Entrance in front of Restaurant de Bosbaan, under the supervision of traffic wardens. (Bosbaan 4, 1182AG Amstelveen)
Be on time and follow the instructions of the traffic wardens. This is the only way we can regulate traffic in an orderly manner and utilize the full capacity of the parking area.

Costs: €2.80 per hour, pay until 7 p.m.
Come by bike or public transport if possible!

Start and times

The event area is open from 12 noon. There is a DJ, free coffee is served by Redbeans and you can mingle with the other participants. The warm up starts at 3:45 PM. Below are the times at which time you should be present at the Finance Run:

Start half marathon: 13:30
Start 5 kilometers: 4:00 PM
Start 10 kilometers: 4:10 pm

This edition, all activities up to and including the award ceremony (5:15 pm) will take place downstairs. Free Redbeans coffee, water, Heineken 0.0 and AA Drink are available here before, during and after the run.

After the award ceremony we move upstairs to the terrace of Restaurant de Bosbaan. That’s where we’ll have drinks and dinner and the DJs will keep spinning until 9 p.m.!

Bib number

Because you are registered on behalf of ING, there is a desk especially for your company. This is located next to Restaurant de Bosbaan. Here you will receive all the information to be well prepared at the start.

Do you have a change in name or distance on Friday 1 September? Or are you unexpectedly unable to participate? Report this to the service desk. (At the Welten Garderobe down at the waterfront) So that the result is processed properly.

Finance Run start

Program and floor plan

Finance Run tarieven


This year, a wardrobe has been installed both downstairs and upstairs. The opening hours are:

12:00 – 18:00: cloakroom downstairs
5:30 pm – 9:00 pm: cloakroom upstairs

Before walking you can hand in your belongings at the cloakroom downstairs. Hand in your things at the cloakroom as soon as possible, from experience it gets busier as the start approaches.

After walking you can also pick up your things here. After showering/changing, you can hand in your belongings in the cloakroom upstairs.

The downstairs cloakroom and changing rooms close at 6:00 PM.